Greg Gowen

Greg Gowen’s art is a natural expression of who he is as a person. He’s the type who leaves things better than he found them- an innovator, a designer, a renovator and a bit whimsy; always dreaming big and thinking outside of the box.

Born in Lubbock Texas in 1968, Greg watched first hand as his parents launched their art careers. His mother Martha Gowen, a batik and watercolor artist, brought flowers and butterflies to life. Greg’s father Mike Gowen took up the torch building copper and brass sculptures ranging from West Texas oil wells to mountain cabins. The passion Greg’s parents had for their art led them to move to the beautiful mountain town of Cloudcroft in southern New Mexico with Greg and his older brother Stan in tow. There Mike and Martha solidified themselves not only as artist but also gallery owners. Looking back on his life in Cloudcroft Greg would say “I had the perfect childhood riding dirt bikes and skiing the bumps, all the while knowing how much my parents loved, believed in, and supported me, no matter what I dreamed up.” Sometime in Greg’s teen years he swore that he would never be an artist only to realize at 18, that in fact the art world was what he was uniquely designed for.

Metalwork became the ideal canvas for Greg’s creations. His dad gave him the skills and techniques to build it and his mom showed him how to make it beautiful. His work was first shown in street fairs and exhibitions as well as at his parent’s gallery “Gowen Arts” in Old Town, Albuquerque. Greg gained recognition rapidly being showcased in galleries throughout the southwest: New Mexico, Colorado, California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Greg had two life changing events in 1987. The first was a marriage that resulted in two amazing children, Jordan his daughter and Kyle his eldest son. The second resulted in a transformed life granted by God through His son Jesus Christ. Greg’s first marriage crashed and burned in 1993, but the flame ignited by the Holy Spirit of God is still burning bright in him today. Greg attended the School of Ministry at Calvary Chapel Albuquerque with the intent of becoming a minister of the Gospel. He wasn’t half way through his schooling before he heard the call of God loud and clear, that his ministry was to create the art you see today.

Greg wasn’t a single dad very long when Miss Deborah Pierce walked into his life. Not only was she beautiful but she shared his love for God. They were married and blessed with two more amazing children Wesley and Noah. Deborah is not only the love of Greg’s life, but she has been the biggest supporter and advocate for Greg over the years in his life and work.

Greg opened his first gallery “Gowen’s of Old Town” in 1989 near to his parent galleries in Old Town Albuquerque. He later opened additional galleries in Albuquerque “Gecko Grande”, “The Copper Tree Gallery”, and one for a short time in Santa Fe “Galleria De Loretta”. In 2003 Greg and Deborah purchased “Gowen Arts” the Gowen Family flagship gallery started by Greg’s parents in Old Town Albuquerque.

Today Greg spends most of his time at Studio G7, his metal sculpting studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he draws inspiration from the high desert and mountains around him. You can occasionally find him on the road attending various art exhibits and shows. (Check out his calendar of events) and current list of (galleries showings) to find one in your area or in a place you might be visiting soon. At Studio G7 Greg has enlisted the help of fellow artists Stephen Maresco, Jennifer Sabatka, Deven Stearley, and other helping hands over the years to see his creations come to life.

The business is still very much a family affair with Deborah Gowen managing “Galleria Tamaya” the last gallery founded by Mike and Martha Gowen to date, which she co-owns with Greg, located at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort on the Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico. Kyle Gowen and his wife, Hayley have their own studio, H&K Studios in Colorado Springs CO, where they create beautiful metal wall hangings, ornaments, and magnets. Noah Gowen is always found creating in the studio, answering the phone calls and running around the country doing shows. Kirstyn Gowen is our newest addition to the creative team in the studio. Not to forget Greg’s four grandsons Cooper, Mac, Wyatt, Ezra and the little princess Aurora whose job is to provide motivation, inspiration, and especially joy to the whole process.

Yes, Greg Gowen’s art is a natural expression of who he is as person. A man lead by God and inspired by his surroundings. It’s Greg’s desire to share the goodness, beauty, and passion of all life can be with you through his art. To color your world and give you peace and enjoyment from his life to yours.