Eagle Soaring



Torched FlameTorched Flame
LG - 46.25x35LG - 46.25x35
Vendor: Copper River USA by Studio G7 SKU: 520213TOLG


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Torched flame


Lg - 46.25x35

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Since all of our Artwork are 1 of a kind pieces, the Shipping and Handling could differ. For the most part S/H will be $15.00 per address.
If your Order is less or more we will discuss that with you via email or phone. For more information visit our Shipping Policy page.

Special Note! Every piece is a custom, hand-made work of art. It is normal and expected that there will be variation between pieces. The pictures we have provided are meant to serve only as examples. Do not be surprised if the item you receive is its own artistic variant.